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Beer is Healthy

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Beer is Healthy Empty Beer is Healthy

Post by Prime on Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:39 am

Beer is Healthy Icon_arrow There are a lot of people who are against
drinking and discourage people from drinking... but beer is the
healthiest drink available on the planet... im not saying this because i
drink but because it is proved by various researches and these are the
main points to be noted and learnt for drinkers as well as non drinkers-
1. beer increases brain cells which can be used for learning
2. beer helps fighting cancer
3. beer helps to make bones stronger
4. protects against harmful sunrays by acting as a sun protection
5. good for ur hair and skin
6. beer has more energy than a glass of milk
7. it is not fattening... what makes it fattening is the food u eat
along with it as beer makes u hungry and not fat... a glass of milk is
considered more fattening than a pint of beer...

so think about all of these points... all these have been proved by various researches and experiments...
and its not an apple a day that keeps the doctor away but a pint of beer a day that keeps the doctor away
Beer is Healthy Icon_exclaim Beer is Healthy Icon_exclaim
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